Where I Got Da Pictures 'n Pixels

If it ain't listed, then it's likely from a site that pulled it from another site, from another site, from another that is lost to time. Or one of the thingies listed under "GRRRAPHIX" on my links page. OR I sourced it already, and you just gotta click the image. I'm neurodivergent, leave me alone. If it isn't listed and you really gotta know, you're welcome to shoot me an email!

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Voidpunk Shrine

Favicon for Windows: mushrooms, beating heart, grey faces, screaming face, bloody nailed bat, shaking ?? and static, ghost eye
Decorative images: crystal cave (or this Tumblr post), mushroom gif, bust
Misc: home button, "Totally Real Anatomy" art, "I don't feel ok" art, scary Jerma edit

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