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and on my quest to be free from cringe, I started a neocities website! I'm having a lot of fun so far, it really takes me back to the websites I saw in my childhood, and my first ever ventures into learning HTML when I was small. There is no real theme or substance to this site, it's literally just gonna be pages for things I like, links I find cool, or maybe some ramblings.

I must warn you, this site IS going to be intentionally very tacky and weird - that's part of the fun <3

Who is Dave Miller and why the name?

My favourite blorbo from video gaym, and strongest kintype. "Dave Miller" is a fake name he uses to keep the #mysteriousscorpiovibes going, and he's a big comfort character to me, so I like using the fake alias for myself online to remain unknowable. I have a shrine™ for him which you can find in the navigation!

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I am demonic ★
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February 12, 2024

  • Not really a major update, just it's been two months of me doing tiny changes here and there so wanted to put something lol

December 6, 2023

  • Almost happy Chanukkah! Added a new lil thing - the museum! Tweaked the layout and stuff some too since I got too many links for a top bar.

November 11, 2023

  • Happy Skyrim Day (which speaking of, I should make my TES shrine). And speaking of speaking of, a new shrine is up: voidpunk! This subculture is pretty important to me and I wanted a space for it.

November 10, 2023

  • FINALLY no more default-ish homepage layout. I also tightened the design on my Dave Shrine, and designed a look for my links page.

November 7, 2023

  • Hyperfixation go brr again: made an About Me page, started a gaming section, added more stuff to my Dave Shrine

November 6, 2023


October 28, 2023

  • Cleaned up some code.
  • Updated my Dave shrine.
  • Added a link page.
  • Updated the homepage a lil on god I need to actually make a layout fr-
  • It is my birthday today! 3 AM while I'm typing this, hyperfixation go brr

October 25, 2023

  • Added a new page: a little Judaism library!
  • Added a pixel collection page!

October 23, 2023

  • Finished my Dave Miller Page!

October 22, 2023

  • Made the site!