November 7th 2023 - TPRR While Dying

Entry 1

Okay so I didn't actually play today, but this was an idea I've had for a while after seeing it from someone else! As someone on the spectrum and with an internet connection, it is a legal requirement for me to enjoy Roblox. It's a very comfy thing to do, since there are so many things to explore!

Anyway, one of my big comfort games is "TPRR" or, "The Pizzeria Roleplay Remastered". It is what I can only describe as a FNAF multiverse roleplay light-MMO box of fun. It legit has every major location from FNAF, as well as every major character… and it doesn’t stop there! Book characters! Fangame characters (you will never guess who I play as 90% of the time, I’m sure)! Even original characters since the game also has its own lore. It’s surprisingly deep for just a roleplay server on Roblox, and it’s one of my go-tos when I am feeling under the weather emotionally, mentally, or physically.

The latter was the reason for this case. I had an awful cold which left me in bed playing Animal Crossing most of the time (when I was awake), but after two days of slowly recovering, I felt well enough to hop onto TPRR and check out the updates!

A new update means a new chance to spin the fair bear gacha thingy and get a free blorbot. Regrettably, all my good luck must have gone into getting Glamrock Foxy last update because this time, I was cursed with this... thing.

I don't want it :(

New update also means time for me to zoom to see the new skins! They added the movie verse characters- I was surprised to see the 80s Freddy's employee from the training tape (apparently she is named Kim).

Of course, only one mattered...

I still had some energy so decided to do my dailies which meant a quick trip to Hell (or, UCN) where I was greeted by an imposter Dave and Old Sport who were harassing the management.

Also noticed this cool bit of art among the murals!

Anyway, went outside to feed the skele-birbs some hot 'za for my daily.

Time was cut a bit short after that. I goofed around with some friends for a bit on FNAF 3/FFPS' map, before my cough started acting up and I had to log off for the night. Good times!